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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, after 6 months of work  (sad it took me this long LOL).
My Helen Magnus animated moodtheme season 1 and 2

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+ enjoy ♥

    uncomfortable                 bored                    annoyed
          geeky                      amused                     giggly

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If someone could check and tell me if it actually works I would be very grateful. Cause this is my very first moodtheme so :D
Also I'll be posting it on pretty much all communities tomorrow, so I'll apologise beforehand for the spamming
Amanda - stunning ♥

A giggle waiting to happen

Made some icons, to celebrate my last week of exams that starts on Tuesday :p.
Only 3 more to go!!!

All icons (20) are Sanctuary - Kali. So SPOILERS for that
Also most of them are Amanda *grins*

  1.   2.   3.
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Also some gifs :D, again spoilers for Kali
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Amanda - stunning ♥

Picspam - Cause 2009 was a great year for fangirling

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Amanda - stunning ♥

She is..

Oh how I totally love Lie to me. Every week I'm super exctied for the new episode, and they never dissapoint. Just love love love it!!!
Cal/Gil is the most adorable ship ♥

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And some icons, just cause she so damn pretty ♥
[13] Lie to me 206: Gillian Foster icons (SPOILERS)

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